Good lighting plays an important role in safeguarding health at work by enabling employees to perform their work comfortably and efficiently.  Poor lighting can also be a safety hazard - misjudgement of the position, shape or speed of an object can lead to accidents and injury.


In simple terms, a lighting assessment is a careful examination of a specific task(s) and the lighting condition in general areas of the work environment.  It serves to:


  • Identify the potential hazards arising from the work activity under the current lighting conditions.
  • Help to determine who may be harmed.
  • Evaluate the risks and decide whether improvement measures are needed to protect the employees, including but not limited to the lighting provision.


SASM measures illuminance - displayed in lux (lx) - with a Sper Scientific Ltd. Light Meter 840006. 



The testing is followed up with a detailed assessment report which includes:


  • Description of the testing strategy
  • Results of testing
  • Observations and recommendations
  • Digital copy of the report



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SASM’s consultants employ a results-based approach to health and safety that is focused on building self-reliance and enabling your organization to implement, manage and continually improve your health and safety programs.


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SASM’s staff will perform a gap analysis, audit, site inspections and evaluations based on your company’s needs and the desired standard that you wish to achieve or maintain.

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Occupational Hygiene and Fit Testing

SASM offers a range of services to meet Occupational Health and Safety legislation including respiratory and hearing protection fit testing, and a variety of other occupational hygiene services.

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