The benefits of ergonomics in the workplace can be far-reaching.  Ergonomic improvements can make a positive impact on everyone in your organization and on your bottom line. The manufacturing sector in Saskatchewan has typically seen high occurrences of musculosketal injuries (MSI) related to the back, neck and shoulders. Here are a few of the benefits associated with good ergonomics and an ergonomics program:


  1. Ergonomics can decrease costs – lowering rates of chronic injury can help to reduce WCB premiums, claims and associated indirect costs.
  2. Ergonomics can improve productivity and quality – workstation and process design that allows for good posture, fewer movements, decreased exertion and appropriate heights and reaching distances can make workstations and processes more efficient through less fatigue and discomfort for workers.
  3. Ergonomics can improve morale and increase employee involvement – limiting fatigue and discomfort experienced by workers can reduce turnover and decrease absenteeism, and it can show commitment to employees that health and safety is a core value of the organization.

SASM works with a number of industry stakeholders on an ergonomics in manufacturing strategy. 

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Office Ergonomics


SASM has reviewed many workstations and understands the diverse challenges that employees experience. SASM is committed to providing practical and cost-effective solutions through workstation assessments, adjustments and accompanying recommendations. While onsite, Ergonomic Specialists can educate employees on how to set up or adjust their workstations, understand the functions and adjustments of their chairs and implement improvements immediately.


Industrial Ergonomics


Labour intensive industries such as manufacturing often involve tasks and processes that contain forceful exertions, repetitive movements and awkward postures: three contributing factors of Cumulative Trauma Disorders.


SASM’s Ergonomic Specialists can help with risk identification, task analysis, job adaptations, workstation and process assessment, manual material handling tools, and training to aid in the reduction of risk and injury.


SASM’s quantitative and qualitative methods will help you identify issues and determine practical solutions.

Ergonomic Assessments


Specializing in office and industrial ergonomics, SASM's “human-centered” approach focuses on fitting the job or task to the worker rather than forcing the worker to fit the job. SASM's approach to ergonomics focuses on assessments, program development, training, return to work/function and ergonomics programs.


SASM's certified Ergonomic Specialists can assist with:


  • Physical Demands Descriptions (PDDs)
  • Physical Discomfort Surveys
  • Office and Industrial Assessments
  • Ergonomics Program Development
  • Ergonomics Program Evaluations
  • Ergonomics Training
  • Return to Work/Function Assessments
  • Ergonomic Risk Assessment Tools and Hazard Identification


Meeting and exceeding customer expectations


Performance you can trust


Inspired, tailored solutions

PDDs can be utilized for pre-employment requirements and, if a work-related injury occurs, PDDs can also be the first step in a return to work/function program. Having job specific PDDs completed prior to an injury can save your company time and money.  

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Consulting Services

Advising and Consulting

SASM’s consultants employ a results-based approach to health and safety that is focused on building self-reliance and enabling your organization to implement, manage and continually improve your health and safety programs.


Safety Rental Advisor



Inspections, Safety Audits and Evaluations

SASM’s staff will perform a gap analysis, audit, site inspections and evaluations based on your company’s needs and the desired standard that you wish to achieve or maintain.

Gap Analysis

Site-Specific Inspections

CoR Audit

Occupational Hygiene and Fit Testing

SASM offers a range of services to meet Occupational Health and Safety legislation including respiratory and hearing protection fit testing, and a variety of other occupational hygiene services.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Light Level Testing

Noise Level Testing

Respiratory Protection Fit Testing

Hearing Protection Fit Testing

Audiometric Testing