What is CoR?


SASM’s Certificate of Recognition (CoR) program designation is an occupational health and safety audit program designed to verify that an organization has an implemented health and safety program that meets Saskatchewan’s Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) legislative requirements, applicable standards, and, in the case of Silver and Gold, industry best practices. One of the primary objectives of a SASM audit is to aid organizations in identifying areas of strength and areas of weakness related to their safety management systems in order to help prevent incidents and minimize potential loss. SASM’s Certificate of Recognition (CoR) program has three levels at which an organization can be certified:


The Bronze level is designed to assist firms that are just developing their safety management system. Bronze focuses on compliance with Saskatchewan OH&S legislation. SASM’s Bronze level is accepted by ISNetworld and other registries as being the minimum standard for manufacturers in Saskatchewan. Bronze certified firms consistently receive premium reductions from Saskatchewan WCB.

The Silver level certification is more robust. Silver focuses on compliance with Saskatchewan OH&S legislation, applicable standards and industry best practices. Silver certified firms consistently receive WCB discounts to levels below the base premium for their rate code.

The Gold level certification can be considered world class; Gold focuses on all areas outlined in Silver and goes beyond. A Gold certified firm will have a complete safety culture.