SASM uses the 3M E-A-Rfit Dual-Ear Validation System to measure every worker’s unique level of hearing protection by testing each worker’s personal attenuation rating (PAR) for a given fitting (degree of protection). This service is designed to help validate hearing protection and compliance with hearing protection fit testing, and it can assist in determining if the level of hearing protection your workers are getting is appropriate to their work environment.

Process and Benefits


  • Tests both ears simultaneously in less than five (5) seconds (the entire process typically takes ten to fifteen (10-15) min per worker)
  • Earmuff and earplug testing capability
  • Tests at seven (7) standard frequencies (125 Hz – 8000 Hz)
  • Tests are science based, objective and quantitative
  • Provides a direct measurement of noise reduction in decibels
  • Establishes baseline values for new workers
  • Helps identify workers receiving inadequate protection that leaves them at risk of threshold shifts
  • Validates high protection levels required by workers in high noise areas
  • Provides a tool for training proper fitting techniques and to assess proficiency
  • Provides reports for both employee and company records




  • The testing is followed up with a detailed assessment report which includes instructions on how to properly use the hearing protection.


Note: Only 3M hearing protection can be tested.




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